Restoration in Africa – a brief encounter

ReStory narrator: Willie Nel

Following the development of a Low-Cost Production Strategy at Moolmanshoek during the 1980s, I eagerly pursued an opportunity to help Agriculture students in the BDC (Business Development Centre) Entrepreneur Schools through the ICCC (Inter Christian Chamber of Commerce) especially in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, with a sustainable food security concept. There were also opportunities to help members of the ICCC, flowing into yet more opportunities.

Africa has an average maize production of about 350kg per hectare. Farmers and other professionals could be made aware that by healing their land, there was a possibility of easily producing 5 to 7 tons per hectare. This, however, is only possible through a major paradigm shift towards sustainable production of affordable and nutritious food for the millions of people in Africa who are plagued by hunger. A huge awareness effort was undertaken ­– as shown in these few photographs – from grassroots level through to businessmen and professionals as well as government officials, across 14 countries throughout Africa, including South Africa and Israel.

There were tremendous success stories, for example farmers increasing production from 1.5 tons to 9 tons over a 2-year period, or a 70% reduction in input costs of a commercial farm. This still serves as motivation to keep on shifting mindsets. More detail can be found in the publication Enlist for your Reed Dam Calling – information available from the narrator.