ReStory – the story

ReStory: The blog for our collective restoration stories.

The science, business and practice of restoration is, among other things, also a story about us as people. Restoration, in addition to being a science, a business and a process involving a series of interwoven events on a continuum of uncertainty, is thus a narrative as well. It is a social dialogue: a dialogue with ourselves. Only when we look in the mirror, face the brutal reality of brokenness and combine that with the staunch determination to bring about change in the realisation that what we see needs not stay that way, can restoration become the backbone, the pathway, to a new, revitalised and regenerative future. At this point the PROCESS of RESTORATION commences!


What does it mean to restore?

RESTORE: To heal, repair, resuscitate and regenerate (and much more), that which is broken.

Let us therefore encourage each other with our stories of healing from brokenness, be it the restoration of social relationships, the restoration of degraded landscapes and catchments, or the restoration of economics, or any other form of healing. Write us your ReStory.

What is your restoration story? What is you ReStory?

  • What are the lessons you have learnt during your process of healing and from which others can learn and glean wisdom?
  • What was the catalyst that unlocked the restoration?
  • What were the costs and the benefits of the restoration?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • How could the rest of society benefit from your experiences?

This is what ReStory is about:

Let us share our stories, narratives and discourses around various kinds of restoration processes and also single events. Whether the restoration is still in the planning stage, ongoing or completed, please share your story and keep the restoration society informed, irrespective of the degree, or perceived shade, of success or the lack thereof. We learn from each other’s mistakes.

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